Enhance farm profitability with value-added grains

Saturday, October 20, 11 am to 4 pm
Small Valley Milling
917 Small Valley Rd, Halifax, PA 17032


Regional experts, innovators lead short course in value-added grain production and processing

Multiple value-added grain enterprises have successfully started up in the Northeast over the last 10 years—but consumer demand for locally grown and processed grains still far outstrips supply. Join us on Saturday, October 20, at Small Valley Milling for an intensive look at how to build a profitable grain enterprise—from field production to final product.

Presenters include Thor Oechsner, longtime organic grain grower and founding partner of Farmer Ground Flour Mill (Trumansburg, NY), Joel, Elaine, and Eric Steigman, pioneers in organic grain processing and owners of Small Valley Milling, Henry Beiler, expert in einkorn production and dehulling equipment, and Joe Lapp, owner of Sunnyburn Welding (Airville, PA) and inventor of a hammer mill and mini grain thresher. The Organic Growers’ Research and Information-Sharing Network ( is sponsoring the meeting.

The event is designed to benefit both those new to grain production and grain growers and processors who want to increase profitability. The day will provide in-depth information on
• crops/varieties in demand and best suited to our region
• critical field management techniques and equipment needed to achieve optimum yield and crop quality
• how to effectively combine grain whether using a small pull-behind or larger model
• cost-effective techniques and equipment for grain drying, cleaning, and storage (including options suited to both small- and larger-scale production)
• grain-processing options, with demonstrations of commercial and farmer-made dehullers; stone, hammer, and roller mills; an oat-roller; and an aspirator
• packaging options that are both attractive and preserve product integrity
• current prices of grain and grain products for retail and wholesale markets

The cost for the day is $30 per person (a family rate is also available), which includes lunch. For more information about the event’s program, assistance with transportation, and to register, contact the coordinator for OGRIN, Dr. Elizabeth Dyck (, 607 895 6913).

This event is funded, in part, by NE SARE grant LNE 17-357Farmer-generated training and equipment solutions for producing and processing value-added grains.


Pretzels, Pancakes, and Puffs… Oh My!

Check out our new products here at Small Valley Milling! We now carry Salted, Unsalted and Honey Spelt Pretzels made with our organic white spelt flour. Our Whole Spelt Pancake Mix is made with Small Valley Milling’s organic whole spelt flour. And our Puffed Spelt Cereal is made from our organic spelt kernels. We are excited to make these nutritious, organic spelt snack foods available to our customers! Take a look around our online store for more information about these delicious products and be sure to add them to your next order from Small Valley Milling!

Organic Spelt Pretzels, salted displayOrganic Spelt Pretzels, unsaltedOrganic Honey Spelt Pretzel SticksOrganic Spelt Pancake Mix 2lbOPuffedSpelt-PackageOPuffedSpelt


New Snacks Coming Soon!

Purple Corn Puffs!

corn-piecesWe are excited to announce the release of our Organic Purple Corn Puffs! After grinding our purple corn kernels into a coarse meal, the puffs are extruded right here at Small Valley Milling.  Through a combination of extreme pressure and heat, our extruder produces these beautiful, lavender-colored puffs. We do not add anything else to the machine in the process of making puffs- no salt, no dyes, no anything! It’s just organic purple corn, and it tastes delicious! We can’t wait for you to try this new line of products!